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Here are a few critical things I’ve learned about leadership over the years: 

1. Using a carrot and stick approach to motivation doesn’t work. 

2. If people don’t feel fulfilled or aren’t growing, they won’t stay. 

3. Conflict is inevitable, so we must learn to use it well, or everything and everyone suffers. 

The team members in your organization ultimately lead to your success. And in order to build a successful team you must have strong people and diverse thinking. 

We all must keep growing, and keep learning.

To that end, I’ve been invited to share some thoughts as part of a FREE online event designed to help leaders with these challenges.  

It’s a FREE event happening next week September 5-7 called the LEADERSHIP NEXT ONLINE SUMMIT.

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My talk is entitled Cracking the Code to Leading Millennials.

In it you’ll learn:

·       3 essential habits of the best leaders in the world

·       3 ways to support and motivate young leaders and the emerging workforce

·       The 3 biggest contributions that millennials bring to organizational life

 My friend and colleague Shane Hipps, a former megachurch pastor turned executive coach to Fortune 50 leaders, is hosting the summit. 

He has assembled some of the top leadership experts in the world to help you learn how to attract, motivate, and align the best people.  

Now, you have an opportunity to learn those same strategies through this new virtual training. 

I don’t know all the speakers personally, but I know they’ve all learned how to lead the hard way. They’ve overcome personality obstacles, difficult work environments and have learned to align even the most complex and diverse groups of people.

They’ll each be sharing important truths about how to build a dream team that will lead and direct your organization for years to come.

It all starts in just a few days. 

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I’ll “see” you there.