I'm  available on a limited basis to speak at conferences, churches, colleges, companies, retreats, and special events. 

I speak at quite a few conferences (and ran a pretty big one for a long time), so whether a crowd of 500 or 5,000, I’m game and ready to contribute. But I also really love to do staff meetings and retreats, where we have the opportunity to interact and really dig into leadership issues and conversations. 

Some of my most popular topics include:

  • The Catalyst Leader- Essentials of Becoming a Change Maker

  • H3 Leadership- Hungry, Humble, Hustle

  • Generational Leadership and Transfer

  • Understanding the Next Generation- how to lead young leaders today

  • Teamwork and Organizational Effectiveness

  • How to Become a Great Leader

  • Building a Movement

  • The Characteristics all Great Leaders Have in Common

My speaking fees are what I would describe as “normal.” So simply reach out and email me here if interested in having me speak.