Catalyst Thoughts Part Two

Round Two of thoughts from Catalyst, now 4 days removed from the event:  - I really love hanging with the band guys in the green room. These guys and girls are the real deal. They love Jesus, and are amazingly gifted at leading people in worship. Plus, I consider folks like Steve Fee, Kristian Stanfill, Aaron Keyes, Eddie Kirkland, Chrystina Fincher, Reid Greven and Matt Adkins good friends. 

- Brad Scholle from Rethink and Gwen Blythe from Big Stuf were absolutely ESSENTIAL to our team. They kept Reggie and Lanny in line and made sure they were prepped on transitions and scripting. Thanks to Brad and Gwen for your contribution this year.

- Melissa Kruse did a great job in project managing all the details of Catalyst. She is the quarterback, and performed great. 

- It was great to be able to profile some amazing projects and amazing people from the main stage on Thursday and Friday- Austin Gutwein of Hoops of Hope, Chris Seay from Ecclesia Church in Houston and Dino Rizzo from Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Safehouse Outreach from downtown Atlanta, Justin Dillon with the Call + Response Rockumentary, Lejla Allison from Samaritans Purse, Michelle Toletino from Compassion, Jeff Foxworthy and the 410 Bridge, and Nathan George who founded Trade as One. 

- We've created a unique post event "serve together" project plan in conjunction with ROOV. You can get involved here

- Catalyst LABS were packed. Each room was filled to the brim with attendees. Over 2100 leaders showed up for the Wednesday sessions. LABS are quickly becoming one of the most popular parts of the Catalyst experience. 

- Really proud of the videos that were shown at Catalyst this year. From the opening video (thanks Jonathan Bostic) to the funny sketch videos from Lanny (thanks Tripp Crosby), the entire scope of videos was better than ever.