So we have been celebrating all day today. It started with an 8:30 am breakfast for the entire team made all from scratch here at the office, and then included an hour of just laughing at funny stuff that happened last week at Catalyst. Next, we spent two hours celebrating each other- literally, we all thanked each other for great work. Everyone just randomly talked about the great job by other people in the room and on the team. Then we went to the local bowling alley and celebrated with some great competition on the hardwood with the pins and then spent some time in the game room hitting up the basketball hoop shoot. It was such a fun day and a much needed day to relax, enjoy each other, and celebrate. So often we forget to celebrate. It's on to the next event, or project, or initiative, or work assignment. No time to stop and smell the roses, but gotta go, go, go.... Yeah, in the short term there may be a desire to move on, but in the long run, if you don't stop and celebrate, ultimately that's the best way to demotivate everyone on the team. And it is imperative that we stop and be THANKFUL. For us here at Catalyst, Thankful for what God did in the hearts of thousands of leaders, the incredible things that will come out of last week, and the projects that are already in motion based on 12,000 leaders getting together and the incredible things that happen from that kind of momentum, energy and impact.

So take time to stop. Celebrate. Be Thankful. Be Grateful. It's good for you. It's good for everyone on the team. And it's up to you to set the tone on this as the leader. If you don't celebrate, no one else will.