Catalyst Thoughts Part One

Random thoughts from Catalyst, Part One: - I think I slept a total of around 18 hours over 5 days. Not a good ratio. However, on Saturday, I think I slept 18 hours in one day.... so quickly made up for it. 

- Lanny Donoho was perhaps funnier this year than any other year in recent Catalyst history. 

- Speakers/content were the best ever. Hands down. 

- There was not an empty seat in the arena. 12,415 leaders (give or take a few) in attendance. 

- The only session I was able to listen in on was Craig Groeschel's on the idea of "God ruin me." It did. In a good way. 

- Eddie Kirkland leading worship at the end of Day One was an incredible moment. Nobody wanted to leave. Literally. People stayed until 7:15 pm, and the day ended officially right at 6:20 pm. 

- We had a camera crew catching ALOT of the backstage conversations, moments, decisions and happenings. Most of these were involving me. Not sure it will be interesting to anyone else, but our team will get a laugh or two out of it. Supposedly this footage will be on the behind the scenes DVD included with the DVD's of the speaker sessions. Wow.... what a bonus!!!!

- Jesse Phillips worked his guts out over the 5 days of Catalyst. Thanks Jesse- you are a Rockstar!

- The Daraja Children's Choir from Nairobi, Kenya left me speechless and weeping. Seeing them lead "Mighty to Save" with Kristian Stanfill on guitar was a moment I won't soon forget. There weren't many dry eyes among the audience. 

- The entire morning session on Friday that was geared towards the "Gospel in Action" hit me like a brick. I knew what was in store, but God used it in ways we never imagined. 

- The "Serve Together" tent outside in front of the arena was really cool, and featured 12 organizations that we wanted to highlight in regards to the work they are doing, along with a couple of organizations in the lobby as well. Here are the organizations in no particular order: Hoops of Hope, Samaritans Purse, To Write Love on Her Arms, International Justice Mission, Call + Response, Compassion International, Convoy of Hope, TOM's Shoes, Gift Card, Rwanda Clean Water, 410 Bridge, Word Made Flesh, HOPE International, Prison Entrepreneurship Program, Land of a Thousand Hills, 

- I missed out on most (really all) of the great conversations happening backstage, in the green room, and among many of my friends who were here because I was running around constantly. I love seeing so many conversations happening, which turn into great projects and initiatives. It really is amazing how many great things occur because of conversations happening among all the attendees at Catalyst.

- Jon Foreman from Switchfoot was amazing. He and Keith (Keith Tutt who plays the cello) were extremely gracious in making a stop on their way to Minneapolis for a concert to play several songs during the afternoon on Thursday. Thanks Jon!!

- It was great to finally meet Dino Rizzo in person. We are planning a duck hunt in Louisiana for sometime soon. 

Catalyst Thoughts Part Two coming soon.