A fun week at the Catalyst office

Spirit week here at Catalyst is wrapping up today, with our final celebration being Beach Day. Here are some pics from Spirit Week to give you a glimpse into the fun we have around here.

A few points of interest:

- The favorite day of the week for our interns (Ansley Lawhead, Lara Morris, and Sabrina Joseph) has been Beach Day, and after seeing the pic above, you can see that they were decked out from head to toe!

- On favorite team day, here were the schools represented by our team: Chad Johnson- Boston Red Sox, Dwayne Melton- Virginia Cavaliers, Ben Arment- Atlanta Falcons, Melissa Kruse- Stetson Mad Hatters, Sally Heffner- Alabama Crimson Tide, Jesse Phillips- U. of Cal Berkley, Beth Nelson- Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Dustin Ahkuoi- North Carolina Tar Heels, Ansley Lawhead- Georgia Southern Eagles, Chris Ediger- Oklahoma Sooners, Lara Morris- St. Louis Cardinals, Sabrina Joseph- Georgia State, Brian Cole- Virginia Tech Hokies, Jason Haynes- Georgia Bulldogs, and of course the Oklahoma Sooners for me. 

- Country Day made me not want to listen to country music for at least the next six weeks. However, I did have the guitar in the office for a few country favorites (Country Boy Can Survive, Seminole Wind, Garth Brooks).

- Relay races are actually a great way to take a break during the day. Seriously. You should try them at your office. Or at least timed races. For all of the type A's, it feeds the competitive juices for sure. 

- Dodgeball was the favorite activity. Our motto of work hard/play hard was truly demonstrated this week.