Quack, Quack

So Ben Arment has been busting my chops the last couple of days during our spirit week here at Catalyst. And probably deservedly so. I wore a pretty ridiculous outfit on Monday, thanks to my father who wore the exact same outfit during the 70's and 80's as a football coach at Bristow High School in Oklahoma. And I must say, we used to kick some serious butt around the state on the football field. Tuesday was favorite team day, and of course I donned the Crimson and Cream to represent my Oklahoma Sooners. And yesterday was Country Day, which required wearing wrangler jeans (in the closet), a tacky western shirt (easy), red wing boots (done), and a few extra surprises- one of which was my endless supply of duck calls throughout the day. I know, it sounds redneck, but duck hunting is one of my favorite things to do, and duck calling is a huge part of duck hunting. I have to give props to my close friend Matt Weaver, who first introduced me to duck hunting back in 1997, on a trip to Mississippi. Since then, it has become a constant passion and lasting hobby.

When it comes to duck calling, you have to understand (which you won't) that it is both a science and an art. I an nowhere close to being a great duck caller, but figured I would give you a quick example of what my calling sounds like. I have recorded myself on my trusty MacBook Pro to give you a taste. Enjoy.