Interviews Galore

As many of you know, we've been doing the Catalyst Podcast for several years, and interviewing all kinds of great leaders from business, the Church, not-for-profit world, best-selling authors, etc. Well, we continue to have the opportunity to sit down with tons of great leaders, even more than we ever imagined. So instead of saving all these interviews for a future episode of the Catalyst Podcast, we've decided to start putting them up on the Catalyst website and let you hear them NOW.

So check out the new "CONVERSATIONS" section that we've created. You'll hear interviews with Dan Kimball, Miles McPherson, Eboo Patel, Mark Merrill, Laura Waters Hinson, Dino Rizzo and many others. We are adding new interviews to this section on a regular basis.

Hear their stories, be inspired by what they are working on, receive practical leadership application, and broaden your scope of organizations to support and leaders to follow.

So continue to subscribe/listen to the Catalyst Podcast, as well as visit the CONVERSATIONS page for continual learning from great leaders.