Friday Fives

Twitter folks to Follow: 1. Craig Groeschel- @craiggroeschel

2. Chris Anderson- @tedchris

3. Ron Edmondson- @ronedmondson

4. Jon Chu- @jonmchu

5. Lindy Lowry- @lindylowry

Books to Read:

1. Permission to Speak Freely, by Anne Jackson

2. The Power of a Whisper, by Bill Hybels

3. Drive, by Daniel Pink

4. Delivering Happiness, by Tony Hsieh

5. Radical, by David Platt

Bonus: The Gospel According to Jesus, by Chris Seay (releases on September 28)

Links and other Fun Stuff:

1. Amazing website by Arcarde Fire. You have to check this out.

2. New "One Question" site that features one question, one answer from some of today's top leaders. Coach K, Seth Godin, Tony Dungy and others.

3. Don't forget to register for The Nines online leadership event. Next Thursday, September 9. It's free. Over 100 speakers.

4. Thought provoking post from Russell Moore regarding "God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck." Worth the read.

5. Great conversation between Francis Chan, Joshua Harris and Mark Driscoll.