Catalyst Week- a few Tips

1. Arrive early- plan to arrive early on Thursday morning. around  6:45 am. We'll have lots of festivities happening and the Catalyst pre-show will be in full effect. 2. Attend Labs- There are still a few seats left for LABS on Wednesday. These are smaller and more interactive sessions. If you can come a day early make sure to be part of this labs day. You'll be able to register onsite at the Convention Center. Registration begins at 11:00 am on Wednesday for LABS.

3. Lab session recommendations- There are lots of lab speakers that you will know well. But there might be a few that you don't recognize their names or are not familiar with what they do. A few thoughts on some of the lab sessions that might be "less known" but highly recommended:

**DISCLAIMER**: this doesn't mean that I am NOT recommending other LAB Speakers. Just wanted to highlight a few that you may not know about or be aware of. These are "under the radar."

Chris and Phileena Heuertz- Chris and Phileena are co-directors of Word Made Flesh, and doing amazing work all over the world in taking care and living in community with the poorest of the poor . Jeremy Cowart, Zach Williams, and Laura Waters Hinson- a panel discussion with three influential and talented "storytellers" in film, music, and art. Eric Mason- Eric is co-founder and Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia. If you are interested in missional engagement in an urban context, Eric is one of the leading voices in the world. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson- Tyler is leading the Two Futures Project, and will discuss our role as Christians in engaging important issues many of us don't think of normally, like the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Jo Saxton- Jo is a leadership coach with 3DM, and has a great perspective and pulse on missional community and leadership. Plus she's British!

4. Catalyst Backstage- our hosts will be Brian Wurzell, Shauna Niequist, Jon Acuff and Carlos Whittaker. It's gonna be a blast. If you can't be here in Atlanta with us, then make sure to stay up with all that is going on through the Catalyst Backstage Experience. Speaker interviews, live look-ins, experience moments, etc. The Backstage experience will begin at 1:30 pm EST on Wednesday afternoon, and run all day on Thursday and Friday.

5. Stay connected- Follow Catalyst on Twitter, Text CATALYST to 68398 to join the Catalyst mobile community, and download the Catalyst iphone App.

6. Roadtrip- listen to the latest Catalyst podcast Roadtrip edition as you make your way to Atlanta on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Lots of tips, fun, a check-in with Perry Noble, and Tripp, Tyler, Carlos and Ken adding commentary and fun!