Ambition: Right or wrong

Ambition...... Right or wrong?? 1. Ambition, at its core, is a good thing. God wires us with ambition that allows us to achieve and be great.

2. But ambition can quickly become a negative characteristic if not properly channeled and Biblically stewarded.

3. Confident vs Prideful. Pride is never a good thing. It will take on a life of its own if you allow pride to become the way you do what you do. Confidence is positive, and goes along with correct ambition.

4. Above all else, put on humility. Being humble along with ambitious is the right combination. Humility allows you to seek success with a proper mindset.

5. The very way you are wired works against this- Those of us who are wired with a strong sense of ambition fight against our own identity all the time. One of  the keys for properly channeling your ambition is to have people around you who will tell you what you may not want to hear. Trusted friends and advisors who are honest and authentic with you.

6. put up guardrails and boundaries- besides having friends and advisors, we should also create systems that help us control and channel our ambition correctly. For example, many leaders who are ambitious tend to work way too much. So establishing a system for a proper sabbath is crucial for those of us who are overly ambitious.