We Be Bowlin

Things were so busy I was not able to post anything all week except for earlier on Monday. But now I'm back! To those of you who might be checking out the blog for the first time, thanks for stopping by! And for those who are part of the regular family here, I''ll be back at it with hopefully value adding posts now that Catalyst week is over. Catalyst was an amazing time this past week. More on that in a post coming in a couple of days.

But we do like to have a little fun at Catalyst..... and one of the things that happened this year at Catalyst was a fun segment on what "bowlin" really looks like. Thanks to friends Tripp Crosby, Tyler Stanton, and Chris Tomlin, we have an even clearer picture on how the bowl cut is making it's way back to the top of the food chain in the hair fashion world.

Watch out America. The Bowl Cut is back. And coming to your city soon!