Young Influencers List, September Edition

Here you go, the September edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month’s lists here.

1. Nona Jones - speaker, author, and manager of Faith based partnerships at Facebook.

2. Luke Hellenbronth - UK based singer, songwriter, and worship leader with Worship Central and at Gas Street Church in Birmingham, England.

3. Catherine Lowe - Dallas based winner of The Bachelor and founder/CEO of Lowe Co, a noted graphic design and artistry company.

4. Stephen Brewster - Nashville based creative coach, producer, consultant, and music advisor.

5. Jonathan Smith - Cincinatti based founder and CEO of Kai Coach, a health and wellness startup, featured and included in TechStars 2018 summer cohort.

6. Andrew Stoddard – Colorado Springs based lead acquisitions editor for book publishing company Waterbrook & Multnomah.

7. Brianna Pate - Grand Rapids based communicator, producer and executive director at Trinity Mission Church.