7 Ways to Live out "Stick-with-it-ness" Leadership

Leaders today need some stick-with-it-ness. 

Here are a few thoughts on the idea of stick-with-it-ness leadership. You could also call it "hang in there" leadership! 

1. Start strong. Come out of the gates with a commitment to excellence. Finishing well means starting well. . 

2. Move the needle daily. Small daily innovations and improvements turn into game changing and paradigm shifting contributions. 

3. Find joy in the journey. Allow joy to bubble up in the everyday. Joy and happiness finds life in hope and faith, which leads to passion for moving the needle and making it happen. 

4. Push through the mundane middle. The middle is the hardest. My 5 mile daily run is always the toughest at the mid mark. Stay disciplined and focused in the minutia and mundane of the middle. 

5. Trust the process. The process will and should define you. So allow the process to be your friend and ally, not an enemy you're trying to avoid. 

6. Keep your eyes on the prize. Take the long view! Mountain climbers don't just climb to climb, they climb to reach the summit. 

7. Faithfulness matters. Faithfulness is the true measure of success. Your scorecard is based on what you did with what you were given.