One Thing Leaders Must Do and Not Do

There are lots of things that leaders should do, but what about the things leaders SHOULDN'T do?

From my perspective, here is ONE thing leaders shouldn't do, and then the reverse that answers the ONE thing leaders should do question.

Leaders- DON'T become so insulated from reality that you lose connection to what is actually happening around you and within you. 

Leaders- DO set up a system that allows for honesty, vulnerability, accountability and transparency. 

Power corrupts if left unchecked. This can happen to any of us. If we don't have accountability, then we are setting ourselves up for failure. At some point it will catch up to us. We should all strive for realness, authenticity, vulnerability and transparency.

Given to your own perspective, your own situation, your own motivations and goals, power will end up leading to isolation, which leads to insulation, and then towards idolization, and ultimately towards decay, dysfunction, and failure. 

Ambition, drive and success is great, but without context it can be a deadly poison.