October Brad Recommends List

A brand new list I am creating, The "Brad Recommends" List

Releasing monthly. With my recommendation on new resources, albums, books, websites and more. 

There will be 4 categories each month with the Brad Recommends list. 


1. The Comeback - by Louie Giglio 

2. Live Love Lead - by Brian Houston

3. #Struggle - by Craig Groeschel 

4. Sandcastle Kings- by Rich Wilkerson Jr. 

5. Intentional Living - by John Maxwell 

** bonus ::  H3 Leadership - by ME!! 


1. Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

2. 5 Leadership Questions Podcast

3. Dose of Leadership

4. Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin

5. Coffee with Chris Caine


1. Unsplash.com

2. Bill Blankschaen (Faithwalkers)

3. Matt Brown (Think Eternity)

4. ISideWith.com

5. Medium.com


1. Deluxe Edition - Pentatonix

2. MSC (Live in LA) - Mosaic MSC

3. Open Heaven/River Wild- Hillsong Worship 

4. The Wonderlands - Jon Foreman

5. This Glorious Grace- Austin Stone Worship