Young Influencers List- January Edition

It's a new year, and time for a brand new edition of the YIL. View all the past lists from recent months here.  The January edition of the Young Influencers List. Here you go:

1. Josh Loveless- leads the charge on Status, a ministry to students and young professionals in Orlando, and also brand director for Neue. 

2. Vicky Beeching- talented worship leader and songwriter born in the UK but now hanging out in the US. 

3. Jon Bell- works with The Image Group in Grand Rapids, and also leading the charge on Rob Bell's upcoming tour (you'll hear more about this later). Very involved with Heart Support, an online care community. 

4. Dave Barnes- uber talented musician, singer, songwriter,  and insanely funny and all-around good guy. Take time to watch some videos on his site. You will laugh. 

5. Lindsay Orr- founder of LUO, an initiative focused on setting children free from poverty, sickness, slavery and other injustices around the world. Talented artist as well. 

6. Scott McClellan- editor of Collide Magazine, and also purveyor of the Collide blog.