Proud to be an American

Today, I am proud of my country. Yesterday was a historic day. Some might call it a benchmark day in the history of our country. Regardless of what you call it, I feel proud.  I felt proud seeing 2 million people on the National Mall cheering and waving American flags. I felt proud watching the most civilized transfer of power the world knows. I felt proud seeing the first African American president being sworn in. I felt proud watching and listening to Rick Warren's prayer for our country and for our President. I felt proud seeing the crowd on the mall made up of whites, blacks, latinos, asians, old, young, students, children, and grandparents. All Americans. All people who love this country. 

I was trying to remember the last time I felt an overwhelming sense of patriotism and love for my country like this. Probably in 2003 while watching live footage of the statue of Saddam being torn down in the historic district of Baghdad by the Iraqi people. I was overwhelmingly proud of my country and proud of our soldiers then. 

We all know we have an uphill battle. President Obama is not the answer to solving all the problems. I disagree with most of his policies. Almost all of his policies. BUT, change can be good, and he has inspired us. I think he is a good man, and I am going to pray for him and his team, and do what I can to be part of the solution. 

But it is not about one man or one administration or one team. It is about our country. The American spirit and resolve just needs a nudging, a strong reminder of where we've come from, and where we are going.

Today, I am proud.