Thrill of Victory... and agony of Defeat

Tough game last night for the Sooners. They didn't have the same mojo that was present the last 8 games. Florida had a lot to do with that. But two trips inside the 5 yard line with no points and two additional drives inside the 20 with nothing will pretty much guarantee a loss. 5 straight losses in BCS bowl games is a real drag right now for the program. Oklahoma is the winningest team in the last ten years among all college teams, but has lost the ability to win the Big game. The agony of defeat. Ugh. 

It pains me, but I now must move Florida into a tie or at least a close second with USC for the best team of the decade. See the updated post here, which I am sure will create some controversy among all the rabid college football fans out there. Congrats to Florida and their team and coaches. They seem to be a class act. And to all the Florida fans who now have ample reason to talk trash.