The power of Margin

Margin is a powerful concept. Margin in business creates profits. Margin in family creates memories. Margin in our personal finances creates opportunities. Margin in our lives overall creates options. Options to pursue dreams, think, pray, relax, meditate, process, grow and ultimately live life more fully. As leaders, it is important that we create moments of margin for ourselves on a daily basis, even if it is 5 minutes to think, walk, pray, or simply relax. And it is equally important to allow for margin in the culture of your team, and margin for your individual team members. Even something as simple as a funny story shared with the team, or a stop by someone else's office. 

On the flipside, lack of margin makes us tense, creates stress and pushes for quick decisions. Lack of margin leads to stale and forced relationships, and drives us towards the most available options, but many times not the best.