Organizations Doing Good

Here at Catalyst, we have the opportunity to partner and work with a number of leading organizations focused on different areas of "doing good." We'll be highlighting a number of these organizations and their initiatives at Catalyst Atlanta, but I thought over the next several weeks I would list them so you could check them out and see more of the great work they are doing.  I'll be listing 4 per week over the next 8 weeks, in no particular order. 

1. Compassion Art- an initiative founded by Martin Smith, lead singer and founder of the band Delirious. Their Compassion Art music project has already raised over $120,000 from the sale of the CD towards poverty initiatives around the world.

2. Advent Conspiracy- started by good friends Chris Seay and Rick McKinley, this campaign encourages consumers to forego putting money into gifts at Christmas, and instead give that money to clean water projects and other worthy initiatives, fighting against the grip of consumerism on our culture. 

3. Gift Card Giver- started by Jeff and Andre Shinabarger. Focused on collecting gift cards that still have credit on them, and turning that credit into money that can be used for worthwhile projects. You can host a Gift Card Giver House party in your community, or just simply send in your unused gift cards.

4. Hope International- the leading microfinance Christian organization. Providing small loans to individuals around the world to help lift them from poverty and give them a job and sustainable income. Peter Greer is doing a great job leading this top-notch initiative. 

Let me know if you are aware of charitable organizations, businesses or initiatives that should be highlighted. List them in the comments section and I'll add them to the list.