My two at Wimbledon

Watching the Wimbledon men's final yesterday featuring Andy Roddick and Roger Federer was inspiring. I usually don't watch tennis, but I watched every single point, game, set and ultimate match. It was amazing. Both of them deserved to win. Made me want to be there in the stands.  And speaking of in the stands, there were lots of celebrities, accomplished athletes, and former Wimbledon champions in attendance. 

So earlier today on Pardon the Interruption, they asked the question of who would you want to sit next to at Wimbledon in the stands- between Woody Allen, Russell Crowe, Henry Kissinger, and Ralph Lauren, all of whom were in attendance. Very interesting question. I'm going with Russell Crowe. Although talking with Henry Kissinger would be amazing, but might be tough to pick up his words because of the accent and the amount of whispering that has to be done at a tennis match

This made we wonder- who are the two I would want in the royalty box with me if I could get 3 seats for the Wimbledon finals? 

John McEnroe for the tennis expertise, and Shaquille O'Neal for the laughter and commentary. Runner up and on deck would be Bob Costas.