Learn from everyone

This is a mantra that I have always believed in. You can always learn something from everyone. Anyone. Whether you are a seasoned CEO, mid-level manager, Senior Pastor, non-profit Executive Director, or recent graduate, it's crucial that you live out and understand this principle.  Having spent several years working for and around John Maxwell, I saw this principle lived out on a consistent basis. John would listen and take notes at conferences, regardless of who was speaking. If John was meeting with a small group, he would always ask them what they were learning or reading, and then jot that down. He truly lived out this principle.

One of the classic moments in Catalyst history was a panel interview in 2002 featuring John, Andy Stanley, and Erwin McManus. Erwin was sharing a thought, and John looked down in the front row at his long-time assistant Linda Eggers and gave her the nod signaling he needed his pen and notebook. As Erwin is sharing, Linda hands John the pen and notebook and John starts taking notes. Pretty funny and a classic moment, but also evidence of a lifelong learner.