Lab sessions you need to attend

If you are planning to attend LABS, here is a list of recommendations for sessions you should consider. This list is based on a conversation with Jeff Shinabarger, creative director for Catalyst.

DISCLAIMER: This doesn't mean I am NOT recommending other LAB Speakers. Just wanted to highlight a few that you may not know about or be aware of. These are under the radar.

Session 1: Bishop John Rucyahana: Hearing him talk about grace and restoration and forgiveness related to the genocide in Rwanda is powerful.

Session 2: Matthew Sleeth: A renowned expert on how Churches can get involved in the Creation Care conversation. His book Serve God, Save the Planet has created some great traction around this topic.

Session 3: Scott Belsky: (According to Jeff Shinabarger: If I could recommend one session for every person that I know to attend, this is the one. I listened to his talk in New York City at The Feast Conference one year ago and it is the most important content I have heard all year. He studies how ideas happen and will share with you how to make your ideas come to life. Brilliant. I will be attending this in the midst of preparation for the next day). Enough said. And I agree.

Session 4: Nicole Baker Fulgham: Teach for America is an important organization to our urban schools. You will learn something from this presentation and be encouraged as church leaders to engage schools in new ways. An important voice to consider.

Session 4: Ian Cron: His book Chasing Francis is a great read. Get ready to be challenged in a fresh way.

And if you are not able to attend LABS or any of Catalyst this year, make sure to check out more on these speakers.