Helpful Travel Tips, Part One

1. On a Road Trip, and in need of a bathroom? Look for hotels, not gas stations. Hotel Lobby bathrooms are always clean, quiet, and restful, since no one who is staying at the hotel uses them. 2. Always ask. Renting a car? Ask for a free upgrade. Flying? Ask for an exit row seat for more legroom. Hotel room? Always ask for a king bed. Most of the time, if you are friendly, whoever is helping you will be friendly and helpful in return.

3. Snacks are crucial. Make sure you incorporate snack items into your travel at all times, especially on a long flight. Bring items with you, as very few airlines still offer good food anymore, even in first class. In part two I'll list my top ten favorite travel snacks.

4. Always carry on your luggage. This is a big one for flying. Allows for a quick exit from the airport, as well as flexibility in jumping on an earlier flight. If you pack sensibly, you can travel for several days with just a carry on.