Catalyst Speaker for October event revealed

Not revealing the entire speaker roster yet. Still working to finalize. Will be revealing the full speaker lineup with a special webcast in March. Stay tuned for that. But for now, one confirmed speaker for Catalyst in October I want to highlight is Jessica Jackley, founder of Kiva. Kiva is an amazing organization. If you are not aware of Kiva and their work, visit their website and check it out. It is the most innovative approach to connecting people to projects and donors to causes that we have run across. It allows for individuals all over the world to connect directly with entrepreneurs in third world countries and provide them small loans- loans that go a long way in helping lift them out of poverty. Over 60 million dollars have been "loaned" over the last year through the microfinancing system that Kiva has set up. 

Jessica is a young leader making a difference for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. She is a Catalyst. We've been inspired by her and her story, and can't wait to introduce her to the Catalyst community in October in Atlanta. 

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