Catalyst One Day and Off the Blogs

Really excited about next Thursday February 26th here in Atlanta. One week from Today. Two great things happening- Catalyst One Day and Off the Blogs. Catalyst One Day is a day of practical leadership teaching, dialogue and Q and A with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. Held at North Point. Still seats left if you can make it.  Then, on Thursday evening, the first ever Off the Blogs evening with Carlos Whittaker, Anne Jackson, and Jon Acuff. Leading the discussion will be Pete Wilson. And worship led by Aaron Keyes. Tickets are $10 or free if you are attending Catalyst One Day. Location is the Buckhead Christian Church in the heart of Atlanta. Begins at 7 pm. 

Carlos was here in our office yesterday with the team discussing Off the Blogs and also our upcoming West Coast event in April in LA. Really appreciate Carlos' heart and vision for ministry and for leaders. He is someone who has his pulse on where things are heading. We talked for a while about the future of churches working together in collaboration with each other. Buckhead Church recently hosted a creative meeting via mogulus that included around 60 other leaders from churches around the country. They were all in a "virtual" creative meeting planning and talking around their Easter services. Learning from each other, sharing ideas, concepting, benchmarking. 

What a novel idea, huh? The idea of churches collaborating and working together. Seems really simple, but when you hear about it, it is a surprise. But the tide is definitely turning, and Carlos is helping lead the charge in this area along with many other areas where he is creating conversations. If you get a chance, take some time and come to Atlanta and hang with the team at Buckhead Church. They are the real deal.