Catalyst Brainstorming Meeting

Having a big brainstorming meeting today with about 50 creative, highly energetic leaders. Thinking through how to make the Catalyst October experience one of the best ever.  Many of you obviously can't be here with us because of location. So if you have any ideas to throw in the hat, feel free to leave comments here and we'll add them to the list. Fun moments, programming, experience items, memorable videos, etc. 

As leaders, I encourage you to reach out to peers and other influencers in your area and include them in whatever initiative or project you are working on. The power of many minds collaborating, dreaming and creating together is much greater than you working on something alone. Whether you are planning a Sunday morning church experience, a staff retreat, a marketing plan, a business plan, or pitching a new product, it's always more fun and almost always more valuable when you include "outsiders" in the process.