A few thoughts on being a good employee

Here you go, 5 points on Wednesday to help you be a better employee, partner, or peer to others in your organization. 1. write everything down- never show up to a meeting without something to write with and something to write on. And write it down. Everything. Otherwise you'll forget. I don't care who you are. 

2. honor people's time- show up early and finish on time.

3. come with solutions, not just ideas- this is crucial. move towards completion, not away from it. 

4. learn how to anticipate- be one step ahead. do something every day you weren't "asked" or "told" to do, but know you should do. 

5. be a disciplined learner- understand it's your role to be an expert, no matter what level or role you play in an organization. Don't just be one step ahead of your boss in being skilled at your job.... be an expert. 

5 more next Wednesday......