Week Wrap Up

- The Roadtrip team was over at the Ignite Conference held at Perimeter Church in metro Atlanta over the weekend.  - If you are a Thomas Friedman fan (I am) who is a regular columnist for The New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, and has written books such as The Lexus and the Olive Tree and Longitude and Attitudes, then you'll want to check out this link. You can download a FREE audio mp3 of the book The World is Flat from Friedman, which is one of my favorites. This free download is building momentum for Friedman's upcoming release of his newest book the first week of September. 

- Another great song and incredible story from Hillsong, in regards to their soon to release new album This is our God

- If you are a MAC user, you need to download and use the application 1 Password. It is amazingly simple to use and will allow you to keep all of your passwords in one place. Thanks to Chris for helping me set mine up. 

- The Yankees are making a major comeback right now. Red Sox beware.

- Check out our Catalyst Voices video segments on vimeo. Some good stuff on there.