Airplane Etiquette, part 1

Ok, I am starting a new series, which will be my insights (highly unobjective of course....) into why most people shouldn't fly on airplanes because they lack airplane etiquette. I have flown in the last 10 years around 600,000 miles, on basically every carrier, and visited 10 countries and almost every US state. Many of you have flown much, much more than me, so feel free to add your own points to this ever evolving list. Power to the flying people on this one. Will make a good coffee table book in the future.....

Part One

1. The middle armrest- here's the deal, middle seat boy always gets first right of refusal on armchair left and armchair right of their seat. If someone is sitting in the middle, the least you can do is allow them to have elbow space. Leaner Larry sitting in the aisle seat has no right to invade your space, nor does Window Wally.

2. Quick draw cellphone man- seriously, this annoys me to no end. Wheels down and cellphone on. Can you wait at least a few minutes before getting on your cell phone and talking as loud as possible so that you seem somewhat important to those around you, when we all know that all you did was just call the person most likely to answer so that you could act like something was incredibly important and couldn't wait. Give me a break. How about 5 minutes of downtime before you jump back into cell phone land- and start making calls once you are off the plane. 

More to follow..... feel free to add your own.