In the inbox

Who is in your current inbox? Mainly emails from internal staff or employees? Friends? Bills? Requests from Facebook? Spam? Here is a snapshot of my inbox from today:

Jerry Shirer- regarding his wife Priscilla Shirer speaking at an upcoming Catalyst event.

Steve Fee- regarding a Catalyst program meeting in early August.

Chad Johnson- constant in the inbox- regarding a number of things, including some important emails to our Catalyst VIP folks, and also our British Open office pool (I have Robert Allenby, Geoff Ogilvy, and Trevor Immelman).

Ben Arment- emails back and forth regarding the Catalyst west coast event and Catalyst Filter.

Margaret Feinberg- follow up email from our meeting in Orlando and setting up plans to meet on Monday.

Daniel Decker- friend from Jacksonville. Associated with Jon Gordon and other leadership authors. 

TED Conference- the latest crop of free videos from this community of innovators.

Francis Chan's assistant- regarding an upcoming Catalyst event and his involvement.

Stephen Brewster- setting up an important call to discuss some Integrity artists.

Tim Willard- working on articles for the Catalyst GroupZine.

Ragamuffin Soul- one of the few blogs that I subscribe to directly into my inbox.

New York Times- alerts from the giant newspaper. These are great and keep me up to date.

Google alerts- constantly getting these on all kinds of key words and issues. Highly recommended.

Michael Palgon- Deputy Publisher for Random House discussing some specific authors and opportunities for partnering on events.

Jesse Phillips- how we are doing with targeted Facebook ads.

Tony Morgan- some book ideas. 

Melissa Kruse- an FYI on Jim Tressel's new book.

Anything interesting in your inbox?