CBA Meetings and friends part 2

Round 2 of the recap of meetings from CBA in Orlando.  - Spent some time with Alex and Brett Harris. Twins, 19 years old, and started a movement called Rebelution. They are authors of the recent hit book Do Hard Things. Really impressed with who they are, what they are doing, and the vision and purpose behind their message. 

- Caught up with Margaret Feinberg. Margaret has a new book releasing soon called Sacred Echo, and she is also working on a very cool project right now for 2009. Margaret and her husband Leif are incredible people, and great to work with.

- Good to see Hayley and Michael DiMarco from Hungry Planet. Michael and Hayley are highly creative, write great books, and speak major truth into teenagers and students. 

- Have you seen the cover for Rob Bell's new book? Interesting. Look close to see the way the blocks are being used. Very creative. 

- Met with Stephen Brewster from Integrity. Had a great conversation regarding music, Catalyst, Integrity, Hillsong, blogging, and leaders. Look forward to working more with Stephen and Jay on a number of projects.