Where's the Easy Button?

I've got a Red Easy button in my office. The ones from Office Depot. Love hitting it. Even though it never seems to work, it makes me feel better regardless..... But... Reality is, If there is one thing about leadership that is true across the board, it's this: Leadership ISN'T EASY. It's painful, difficult, challenging, stretching and overwhelming. And neither is the Christian life. And unfortunately, there is no Red Easy Button to hit when things get tough.

Heard a great message from Kevin Myers this past weekend on the life of Jacob, paralleling his story with the idea that being under God's blessing doesn't mean things will be easy. God never promised us a life that is comfortable. Or convenient.

That is so true. Too many times we think that being a follower of Christ means that our paths will be paved with gold plated asphalt, with no curves, and lots of smiling and waving. The easy life. Comfortable. Safe. Free from angst or barriers or roadblocks.

God's blessing doesn't mean things will be easy. Whether in life, in family, in relationships, friendships, your career, your business, your finances, etc.

So what to do? A couple of thoughts that Kevin mentioned.

1. Be Persistent and consistent. Stay the course.

2. Break the cycle. If there is a cycle of building and then crumbling, and building and then crumbling, break it.

3. Sweat and Pray. Work hard, play hard, and pray hard.