Turn Back the Clock; What's In and Out in Leadership

This is the weekend every year when we turn back the clock. Daylight savings is over, and it is officially fall/winter. Thought I would turn back the clock to a post from several months ago.

A few Random thoughts on What's In and What's Out in Leadership:


- Command and Control is out.

- Management by position is out.

- Wait until you're "old enough" to really lead is out.

- Top Down Hierarchy structure is out.

- Power as the ultimate expression of leadership is out.

- One career in one industry with one employer in one location is out.

- Working your way up the "corporate ladder" is out.

- "My way or the highway" is out

- "you're in charge because you are older" is out


- Authenticity is in.

- Humility is in.

- Flat organizational structure and systems are in.

- Management by skill and know how vs. position is in.

- Lead as soon as you are ready is in.

- Relational equity as a major asset is in.

- Entrepreneurial spirit, boot-strap mentality, and do it yourself attitude is in.

- Generosity, sharing, serving, and "giving it away" is in.

- Free Agency and "project" based careers are in.

- Collaboration and the ability to partner well is in.

Are you in or out?