What's In, What's Out in Leadership

A few Random thoughts on What's In and What's Out in Leadership: Command and Control is out.

Management by position is out.

Wait until you're "old enough" to really lead is out.

Top Down Hierarchy structure is out.

Power as the ultimate expression of leadership is out.

One career in one industry with one employer in one location is out.

Working your way up the "corporate ladder" is out.

"My way or the highway" is out

Authenticity is in.

Flat organizational structure and systems are in.

Management by skill and know how vs. position is in.

Lead as soon as you are ready is in.

Relational equity as a major asset is in.

Entrepreneurial spirit, boot-strap mentality, and do it yourself attitude is in.

Generosity, sharing, serving, and "giving it away" is in.

Free Agency and "project" based careers are in.

Seasons of calling vs. a Lifetime of calling is in.