12 Women Leaders under 40 You Should Know

So let me be clear.... this isn't a TOP TEN list. Or a TOP TWELVE list. It's just a list. with 12 women leaders. all under 40 (I'm 99% sure!). That you should know about. There are many other women leaders under 40 that you should know about, but they are just not on this list, because I'm only including 12...... on this particular list. of women leaders under 40......

OK, so please add to the list by commenting below if you know of someone else who should be included .

1. Christine Caine- Equip and Empower, Hillsong Church and A21 Ministries

2. Jo Saxton- 3DM Ministries

3. Priscilla Shirer- Going Beyond Ministries

4. Jenni Catron- Cross Point Church

5. Anne Jackson- Flowerdust Worldwide!

6. Jeanne Stevens- Soul City Church

7. Margaret Feinberg- Feinberg Worldwide!

8. Phileena Heuertz- Word Made Flesh

9. Shauna Niequist- Niequist Enterprises!

10. Nikki Toyama-Szeto- Intervarsity, Urbana

11. Bethany Hoang- International Justice Mission

12. Jena Lee Nardella- Blood:Water Mission

What other women leaders under 40 should we know about?