Rules of Engagement in our Office

A little more insight into our culture at Catalyst...... 1. If you have something exciting to announce, scream it or make a noise with an instrument. But just be loud if it is worthy of announcing.

2. Open Source policy on the drinks and snacks situation. Replenish the snack area as well as the drinks in the frig if you take something.

3. You are always open to a prank..... and you are always free to provide one..... but if you give out a prank, be ready to receive one in return. It's like the Cold War nuclear policies between the US and USSR....

4. If you're part of the Catalyst team long enough, you WILL have a nickname. Hover, The Body, Lager, etc.

5. Anyone has the freedom to speak into a project, design, layout, or idea. Anyone's ideas can be criticized or built on.

6. Business attire is not allowed.

7. We ring bells CONSTANTLY to celebrate.

8. Your title can really be whatever you want it to be.

9. If at all possible, don't schedule a meeting. We despise meetings, unless it is really needed and leads to action. Or is a collaborative project and requires multiple people speaking into it. But meeting just for meetings sake is lame.

10. Get it done. Always. Execution and the completion of projects is like a drug to us. We take great pride in moving the ball across the finish line.

11. We thrive on competition. None of us like to lose. Fun moments usually involve competition of some sort. Especially cornhole or relay races.

12. We actually like to be around each other. Novel concept I know, but it actually works.