Monday Mania Top Five

Here are 5 things worth considering at the start of this week: 1. Brand new feature to the Catalyst website- A "Conversations" section where we will have tons of interviews with all kinds of leaders. Currently on the page are Dan Kimball, Cue Jean Marie, Laura Waters Hinson, Eboo Patel, Dino Rizzo, Miles McPherson and more!

2. Vote for my friend and Catalyst speaker Tad Agoglia, the founder of the First Response Team of America, to win the "Best Man, Best World" Contest with GQ. You can vote here.

3. Good friend Tim Elmore's brand new book Generation iY is now available. This book is a must read for parents, student pastors, teachers, coaches and anyone else leading the generation born after 1990. It is eye opening insight and practical tools for understanding this next wave of leaders who are now starting to enter the workplace.

4. My current music recommendations for you: Satellite, Horse Feathers, Civil Wars, Unhindered.

5. Do you have a September birthday? If so, plan to get involved with the charity: water September birthday campaign. Watch this video to find out more: