A Challenge for Worship Leaders

I've got to speak up. I'm not on staff at a church. I'm not a worship leader. I'm not a creative arts pastor. None of those things.

But I've got speak up and ask for a favor. Make a challenge. To those who lead, stand up, speak, sing, make announcements on Sunday mornings.

I've got a challenge for all my brothers and sisters who are leading millions of folks in congregations around the world......

Please make it ALL worship. Not just the singing.

When you say "Now it's time to worship" or "Let's stand and worship" or "Wasn't worship great!" and you are only referring to the singing, I think we've missed something. Does that mean the rest of the Worship service we are part of is not really worship? Only the singing part?

It's all worship. Monday through Friday. Saturday. Sunday. The singing. The giving. The teaching. The praying. The confession. The community. The Bible reading. The relationships. The small groups. It's all worship.

I think we are all on the same page, we just have to change our vocabulary.

So this Sunday- how about we all say "Let's CONTINUE in worship through singing." And at the start of the service, when someone gets up and does announcements, let's say "We are glad you are here to worship with us today through teaching, giving, singing, connecting, reading. It's ALL Worship. Let's celebrate together."

It's ALL Worship. Even the BAD singing....