Learn from outside your circle

For any leader, this is crucial. If we only learn from those who think like us, work on the same kinds of projects, believe the same we do, talk about the same issues we do, and run in the same circles, we're short-changing our ability to have perspective. And perspective is good. It doesn't mean we adhere to everything we read, hear and learn from these voices. Not at all. But we need to be challenged and stretched and aware of what is happening around us. Be intentional about finding leaders, authors, and experts who are not running in your circle on a daily basis.

Here are a few folks I like to learn from that are outside of my normal circle:

Mashable- one of the most popular blogs in the world, founded by Pete Cashmore

Richard Branson- CEO of Virgin

Marissa Meyer- VP of User Experience for Google. She controls the homepage....

Chris Anderson- editor in chief of Wired Magazine and author of FREE and The Long Tail

Chris Anderson (2)- curator and director of TED, one of the most innovative conferences and communities in the world.

Charlie Rose- incredible interviewer and host of the Charlie Rose Show

Jay Z- entrepreneur, musician, and songwriter.

Jonathan Ive- SVP of Industrial Design for Apple. Enough said.

Tony Hawk- pro skateboarder, designer, and twitter phenom.

Who do you learn from outside your normal circle?