Initiating vs Responding, Part two

My thoughts on Leaders vs. Followers, and Initiating vs. Responding continues..... If you didn't have a chance to read part one, here it is. Leaders don't let fear or a strong sense of anxiety paralyze them. They attack fear. Head on. And are willing to lean heavily into the rough waters and push through.

Followers stop when things get rough. Rough waters tend to bring about dissension and cynicism among followers.

Leaders are innovators. They try new things. They are willing to fail, but fail trying.

Followers simply want to maintain the status quo. And very rarely are they willing to risk or try anything new.

Leaders embrace change. They invite change in their own lives and in the context of their leadership because they know change many times is the way we grow and improve.

Followers despise change, and do everything possible to resist it.

Leaders accept responsibility, and are motivated by more things on their plate and under their leadership, vs. less.

Followers avoid responsibility, and would much rather that someone else is "responsible" instead of them.

Leaders despise inaction. It drives leaders crazy to not make progress.

Are you a leader or a follower???