College Football - The team of the next decade

Headed to the Georgia/Arkansas football game today, and thought I would create some conversation around my favorite sport at any level- college football. The greatest sport in America. Hands down. One of the first posts I had several years ago when I started blogging was The College Football Team of the Decade. Lots of comments, lots of thoughts, and lots of speculation on who in fact was the #1 college program in the country. Well, the first decade of the 2000's is over, and based on what happened over the last 10 years (and not just the first 7 years based on my blog post), here is who I would say actually WAS the college football team of the last decade: 2000-2010:

1. USC (2 national championships)

2. Florida (2 national championships)

3. LSU (2 national championships)

4. Oklahoma (1 national championship)

5. Ohio State (1 national championship)

Now, in terms of looking at the NEXT 10 years, here are my predictions on who will be the top five programs between now and 2020:

1. Oklahoma (yeah, it's a predictable choice, but deal with it!!!)

2. Michigan

3. Miami

4. Florida

5. Boise State

Who you got?