Young Influencers List, March edition

Here you go, the Young Influencers List for March. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Dominic Balli- songwriter, pop/hip-hop/reggae musician and performer. Recently performed at Catalyst West.

2. Jarrod Shappell- helped start a church in San Francisco called IKON. Also involved with the Faith Amplifier Project.

3. Jason Petty- otherwise known as Propaganda, a talented rapper, writer and spoken word artist. Recently performed at Catalyst West.

4. Amanda Peck- founder of ReSurface Art, creating custom art on vintage surfboards, with a cause- portion of proceeds go to clean wells in partnership with World Vision.

5. Rebekah Weigel- c0-writer and producer, along with her husband Josh, of the recent blockbuster short film The Butterfly Circus.

6. Drew Holcomb- singer/songwriter/rocker out of Nashville. Currently on tour with his band "Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors".

Do you know of other young leaders who should be featured as part of the Young Influencers List? If so, leave a comment with name and organization.