Young Influencers List

Young Influencers List, December Edition

Here you go, the Young Influencers List for December. Last one for 2011! You can see all the past editions here. 1. Ben Cantelon- worship leader at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, and part of the Worship Central team.

2. Claire Diaz Ortiz- director of social innovation and philanthropy at Twitter, blogger, and author of Tweet for Good.

3. Ryan Shove- talented videographer and founder of Retro 8 Films.

4. Beth Murray- National Network producer for The Today Show.

5. Matthew Soerens- Church Training specialist for World Relief and co-author of Welcoming the Stranger

6. Pedro Garcia- senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Kendall in Miami, FL. Creator of the One Conference.

7. Trip Lee- rapper, hip hop artist, preacher, writer and blogger.


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Young Influencers List, November edition

Here you go, the November edition of the Young Influencers List. Also, check out past names/lists from the last 4 years. 1. Brad Russell- founder of the Washington West Film Festival outside of DC.

2. Tripp Crosby- founder of Green Tricycle Studios, video producer, half of Tripp and Tyler, and awesome host.

3. Darius Wise- pastor and founder of Fresh Church Denver.

4. Jennie Allen- speaker and author of Stuck and Anything, resources focused on next generation women mentorship.

5. Chance Craven- founder of DRADT (Disaster Relief), traveler and entrepreneur.

6. Rachel Cruze- speaker and daughter of Dave Ramsey, she's motivating teens and students around leadership and money.

7. Future of Forestry- creating some great music. One of my favorite songs "Slow Your Breath Down."

Young Influencers List, October Edition

Here you go, the October edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here. 1. Derreck Kayongo- founder of the Global Soap Project, and CNN Heroes Award Nominee. Vote for him here.

2. Elizabeth Paul- part of the 3DM team, senior planner for The Martin Agency (advertising firm), and a church planter through The Eikon Community.

3. Kevin Olusola- cellist, beatboxer, composer, and contestant on The Sing Off. Plus touring with Gungor recently. Check out his uber popular YouTube video.

4. Eric Marshall- worship leader at Trinity Grace Church in New York, producer of their brand new Church Worship CD entitled We Sing As One (which I highly recommend!), and founder of the band The Last Royals.

5. Rich Halvorson- founder of the Global Fast project.

6. Micah Davis- social entrepreneur, designer and partner at Ovenbits. and co-founder of Paratweet.

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Young Influencers List, September Edition

Here you go, the September edition of the Young Influencers List. You can find past month's editions HERE. 1. Bubba Watson- PGA Tour golfer and Georgia grad. A great follow on Twitter.

2. Angie Smith- Über blogger and Women of Faith speaker. Wife and mom and writer. Amazing story of God's grace.

3. Josh Garrels- musician and songwriter from Portland. Recent album is Love and War and the Sea in Between. Download for free.

4. Tim O'Mara- founder of Beltline Bike Shop, a community project/initiative in Atlanta.

5. Peter Ahn- founder of Metro Community Church and Zimele, a ministry in South Africa that won the Courageous Leadership Award in 2009 at the Leadership Summit.

6. Heather Larson- Compassion and Justice Director at Willow Creek Community Church.

7. THI'SL- songwriter, artist and rapper.

Young Influencers List, August edition

Here you go, the August edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Brad Jones- works with Passion Conferences, Navigator for Louie, as well as helps lead student ministry at Passion City Church.

2. Kalyn Hemphill- model, singer, actress, and winner of season six of the TV hit Project Runway.

3. Joseph Barkley- pastor of Ecclesia Hollywood in LA.

4. Casey Darnell- worship leader with North Point Music and recently released an album entitled Coming Alive.

5. Anthony Robles- NCAA Wrestling National Champion at 125 pds. And he has one leg! Amazing story.

6. Erin Levin- Community and Social Media Manager, Better World Books.

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Young Influencers List, July Edition

Here you go, the July edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past lists here. 1. Jumaine Jones- pastor of the The Bridge in Silver Springs, MD.

2. Sean Curran- front man and lead vocalist for the band Bellarive out of Orlando.

3. Tara Makarechi- project manager at Brand Apart, and business development for the Beck Group. Plus a host of other things.

4. Prashan De Visser- President and Founder, Sri Lanka Unites, which is committed to reconciliation and youth empowerment in Sri Lanka.

5. Sanga Samways- great communicator, funny host, youth pastor at Hillsong Church in Australia, and director of Youth Alive NSW.

6. Johnnie Moore- Campus pastor and Vice President of Liberty University. Author of new book Honestly.

7. Brandi Wilson- blogger, mother, wife and leader at Cross Point in Nashville, along with Leading and Loving It.

Young Influencers List, June Edition

Here you go, the June edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Andy Barron- amazing photographer and graphic designer from LA.

2. Perrin Rogers- pastor at The Triumphant Church in Hyattsville, Maryland, and a leadership junkie!

3. Sarah Cunningham- author of Dear Church, speaker, blogger and skinny white girl (according to her website!!)

4. Justin Lathrop- founder of, a staffing company, and Exec Pastor of strategic development at The Oaks Church.

5. Cole Nesmith- creative director for Status, a church community in Orlando, and also founder of Uncover the Color.

6. Katelyn Graves- director of operations for Cobblestone Project, a strategic initiative to connect needs to resources in Northwest Arkansas.

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Young Influencers List, May Edition

Here you go, the May edition of the Young Influencers List. See all the past editions here. 1. Seryn- great new band out of Denton, TX. Had them at Catalyst Dallas. Amazing musicians and harmonies.

2. Aaron Niequist- songwriter and worship leader at Willow Creek Community Church.

3. Iris Liang- founder of Videre, an organization fighting global poverty through business development and entrepreneurship.

4. James Lee- part of the Hello Somebody team. Dreamer and visionary.

5. Scotty and Tiffany Smiley- amazing couple. Scotty is the author of Hope Unseen and the first blind officer in the US Army, & winner of the 2008 ESPY for best outdoor athlete. Read this book!!

6. Jeff Slobotski- Founder of Silicon Prairie News and the Big Omaha Conference.

7. Bryan Carter- Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas.

Young Influencers List, April edition

Here you go, the April edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Spencer Dusebout- teenage founder of Hands 4 Others, a movement of young people helping others around the world.

2. Elias Dummer- lead singer and frontman for the rising band City Harmonic out of Canada.

3. Carl Lentz- co-pastor of Hillsong Church NYC.

4. Sarah Hill- youth pastor of Bethany Hamilton, portrayed by Carrie Underwood in Soul Surfer movie.

5. Joshua Symonette- former pro football player, and now leadership coach and maven.

6. Kevin Queen- teaching pastor at 12Stone Church, and directional leader of Hamilton Mill campus.

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Young Influencers List, March edition

Here you go, the Young Influencers List for March. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Dominic Balli- songwriter, pop/hip-hop/reggae musician and performer. Recently performed at Catalyst West.

2. Jarrod Shappell- helped start a church in San Francisco called IKON. Also involved with the Faith Amplifier Project.

3. Jason Petty- otherwise known as Propaganda, a talented rapper, writer and spoken word artist. Recently performed at Catalyst West.

4. Amanda Peck- founder of ReSurface Art, creating custom art on vintage surfboards, with a cause- portion of proceeds go to clean wells in partnership with World Vision.

5. Rebekah Weigel- c0-writer and producer, along with her husband Josh, of the recent blockbuster short film The Butterfly Circus.

6. Drew Holcomb- singer/songwriter/rocker out of Nashville. Currently on tour with his band "Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors".

Do you know of other young leaders who should be featured as part of the Young Influencers List? If so, leave a comment with name and organization.

Young Influencers List, February edition

Here you go, the February edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past lists here. 1. Clay Scroggins- high school director and frequent teaching pastor at North Point Community Church.

2. Bubba Watson- PGA Tour golfer and recent winner at the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open.

3. Jennifer Alt- philanthropy director for the Segel Group.

4. Ryan Sisson- Founding Partner, Moniker Group; and event experience creator.

5. Je'kob Washington- Rapper, singer and record producer.

6. Del Chittim- founder of Calibrate in Seattle.

7. Emily Vogeltanz- designer of the Do Something Now experience at the Passion Conferences.

Young Influencers List, January edition

Here you go, the January edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past issues here. Almost four years worth!! For those of you new to the blog community, I try every month to highlight some young leaders who are making a difference. So here we go- kicking off 2011! And remember, these are not in any particular order.

1. Dharius Daniels- senior pastor and founder of Kingdom Church in New Jersey.

2. Jenna Lucado Bishop- speaker, author of Redefining Beautiful, and daughter of Max Lucado

3. Blake Canterbury- founder of BeRemedy, an organization that creates simple ways for you to help other people.

4. Isaac Hunter- senior pastor, Summit Church in Orlando

5. Karla Keatinge- heads up the i-heart campaign for Hillsong United.

6. Tifah Smith- lead vocalist of a new favorite band- The Autumn Film. Check them out.