What's Your Tag?

What’s your tag? Your tagline? When people ask, “do you know so and so?” and someone says about you, “yeah, he/she is the ______?” What is the fill in the blank?

I have a tagline.... "the Catalyst guy who's always connecting people." Connector. Catalyst. Convener. These are some of the things I love to do, and hopefully things that describe me that add value to those around me. I could probably argue the actual phrasing, but it's generally the tag that most people use who know me well, as well as those who are simply acquaintances.

Let me give a few other examples, strictly based on my opinion:

John Maxwell- leadership; 21 Laws

Don Miller- blue like jazz

Seth Godin- marketing

Michael Hyatt- leadership blogger

Darlene Zschech- Hillsong worship

Beth Moore- women’s bible studies

Rick Warren- Purpose Driven

Mark Batterson- DC coffee shop

Marcus Buckingham- strengths

Ryan Seacrest- American Idol host

Oprah Winfrey- interviewer

Jim Collins- Good to Great

Michael W Smith- Friends are friends forever

You may argue with some of the “tags” I’ve given to these folks, but the point is, whether you like it or not, we all have a tag. And your "TAGLINE" is being created whether you like it or not. Tagging is more about what I do. A tag is the subtitle of your book, if you were writing a biography. A tag is what comes to mind first when people think of you, that split second chance for someone to properly pull your file from their short or long term memory. A tag is no more than 10 words- a quick and concise snapshot of what someone sees you doing in their mind when they think about you.

A Personal Tag is important, both from the standpoint of understanding who the people around you think you are, as well as who you think you are.

So are you creating your own tag, or is someone else creating it for you? What is your TAG?