A few keys for being a great teammate

Here are some reminders on being a great staff/team member. Sometimes we are so worried about being great leaders that we forget to be great team members. Remember, great followers make great leaders. 1. under promise and over deliver- over deliverers are rare. be one.

2. let your yes be yes, and your no be no- if you say you will take care of it, take care of it.

3. anticipate- understand what needs to be done next and get it done.

4. understand what the team leader appreciates- if the team leader values being on time, then be on time. If the team leader strongly values collaboration, then be a collaboration expert. This is not brown-nosing, it's just common sense.

5. proactive- take initiative, even if you don't have permission. Every leader I know wants people on their team who are willing to make a decision and move a project forward, vs. someone who constantly waits for permission on everything before moving forward.

6. make it happen, constantly. If you get things done, you will be highly valued. Period.

7. be an expert. Be GREAT at what you do. Practice. Learn. Read. Just because you are not in charge right now doesn't mean you can't live/lead like you are. Those who you consider to be great at what they do didn't just become great overnight. They worked at it.

8. encourage and elevate. Leaders want team members who actually help them elevate their game. Figure out ways to encourage your leader and the entire team.