Hit the Repeat Button

A reminder on Monday as we start a new week: Repeat. Let me say that again.... Repeat.  One of the ways great teams become great is by repetition. Great sports teams thrive on repeating. Creating excellence through repetition. I can remember growing up around coaches, and I constantly heard "Run it again." Over and over and over. And then again. Even if we ran the play to perfection, we heard "run it again."

Think about the best communicators you know. They use repetition constantly to drive home a point. Think about great parents you know. They use repetition in disciplining and molding their children. Great coaches and great leaders and great communicators and great parents repeat.

Organizational leaders have to constantly repeat the vision for it to sink in. Sometimes we as leaders get too distracted, and bored, by repeating something. We think one time is enough. But great coaches, great leaders, and great teams have always seen the principle of "repeat" as something extremely important to success.

Consistency counts. Run it again.