Young Influencers List

Young Influencers List, December Edition

Here you go, the December edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's editions here.  

1. Matt Crocker- singer, songwriter and worship leader with Hillsong and Hillsong United.

2. Viktoria Harrison- creative director at charity: water.

3. Jason Kennedy- journalist for E! News, and co-anchor of E! News Weekend.

4. Britton Clark- social media manager for Atlanta Mission, org focused on ending homelessness in city of Atlanta.

5. Kim Biddle- founder and CEO of Saving Innocence, rescuing victims of sex trafficking in Los Angeles.

6. Michael Dalton- director, producer, editor and videographer.

7. Rachael Chong- founder and CEO of Catchafire, where talent meets purpose.

8. Kenyon Adams- NYC based collaborative artist, actor and songwriter.


Young Influencers List, November edition

Here you go, the November edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here. Check them out! 1. Promise Tangeman- designer, artist, photographer and blogger.

2. Stacy Spencer- senior pastor of New Direction Christian Church in Memphis, fastest growing church in US in 2012.

3. Jessie Simonson- co-founder & director of sales for 31 Bits, using fashion and design to help women in Uganda rise above poverty.

4. Chrishan Jeyaratnam- youth pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney.

5. Sajan George- founder and CEO, Matchbook Learning, turning around underperforming schools in the US.

6. Brianna Glen- pro athlete, sprinter, Olympic long jumper and model.

7. Josh White- singer, songwriter, and pastor of Door of Hope in Portland.

Young Influencers List, October edition

Here you go, the Young Influencers List for October. You can see all the past month's editions here. 1. Chad Veach- youth pastor at Puyallup Foursqaure Church in Washington.

2. Caitlin Crosby- LA based actress, entertainer, and activist, founder of The Giving Keys.

3. Alex Nifong- Atlanta based songwriter, musician, guitarist, worship leader, and creator of recent album Nothing is Impossible.

4. Pattie Mallette- author of Nowhere But Up, and mother of the Biebs (Justin Bieber)!

5. Dave Lomas- Pastor at Reality San Francisco.

6. Bobby Duran- songwriter, Catalyst DJ, producer and creative consultant for UYWI, Mosaic and more.

7. Josh Kwan- co founder of Praxis, and director of International giving for David Weekley Family Foundation

8. Moriah Peters- 19 yr old singer, songwriter and artist.

Young Influencers List, August edition

Here you go, the August edition of the Young Influencers List. You can check out all the past month's lists here. 1. Ryan Edgar- singer, songwriter and musician out of Dallas.

2. Scott Tanksley- founder of Meals with a Mission

3. Nikole Lim- storyteller through photo and film, and founder of Freely in Hope.

4. Al Gordon- pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton in London and co-founder of Worship Central.

5. Josiah Bell – singer, songwriter, and producer in LA signed to Capitol Records.

6. Chido Govera- young Zimbabwe leader who is founder of Chido's Mushrooms and author of The Future of Hope.

7. Andy Brophy – Atlanta-based photographer who launched Love Gives Way.

8. Glenn Packiam- worship leader, exec pastor of spiritual formation, New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and author of Lucky.


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Young Influencers List, July Edition

Here you go, the July Edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past lists here. 1. Cass Langton- overseer of all things creative at Hillsong Church in Sydney, and she is creative director for Hillsong Conference.

2. Ryan Wood- dir of public awareness and partnerships for Sevenly, an innovative cause-driven non profit in LA.

3. Noel Russell- she's a designer/merchandiser at Topson Downs, and former senior creative manager at Wal-Mart.

4. Enuma Okoro- writer, speaker and author of Reluctant Pilgrim.

5. Corey Evan- songwriter, pastor and worship leader, most recently from Atlanta but now in Bloomington, IL.

6. Jeff Goins- writer, blogger, and idea guy.

7. Peter Haas- senior lead pastor of Substance Church in Minneapolis, and author of Pharisectomy.

Young Influencers List, June edition

Here you go, the June edition of the Young Influencers List. You can view all the past month's lists HERE.

1. Brad Montague- staffer at Freed-Hardeman University, the idea maker behind the Go! Conferences, and also the founder of Love in Stereo.

2. Amanda Sudano-Ramirez- singer, songwriter and part of the musical duo JohnnySwim. Amazing music.

3. Sam Farmar- London based documentarian, TV producer, director and reporter. Works with the BBC and other news outlets.

4. Thea Ramirez- founder and President of Adoption Share, working with pregnancy centers around the US to provide adoption options. And no relation to Amanda above...!

5. Pete Wilson- Worship Leader and Pastor at Hillsong London.

6. Jarryd Wallace- runner for the US Paralympic track team. One of the top Paralympic runners in the world. Check out this NY Times article.

7. Tedashii- rapper and hip hop artist based in Dallas, part of the 116 Clique and Reach Records.

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Young Influencers List, May Edition

Here you go, the May edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here. 1. Rich Wilkerson Jr- associate pastor of Trinity Church in Miami and leader of the young adult community Rendezvous.

2. Rachel Held Evans- blogger, speaker and author of Evolving in Monkey Town.

3. Derwin Gray- lead pastor of Transformation Church outside of Charlotte, former NFL player and author of Hero.

4. Julia Immonen- double world record Atlantic Ocean rower, A21 Campaign UK advocate, Sports Against Trafficking founder and Sky Sports news staffer.

5. Charles Costa- known as King Charles, he is an independent singer/songwriter from London with a recent album out entitled Love Blood.

6. Ciona Rouse- creative, poet, photographer, writer, and host.

7. Bellarive- one of my favorite bands right now. Brand new EP album available now. Just wait till the full album. It's epic.


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Young Influencers List, April Edition

Here you go, the Young Influencers List, April edition. Young Leaders you may not know about who are doing great work. 1. Micah Dalton- Atlanta based singer/songwriter.

2. Alli Worthington- founder of the Blissdom Conference and social media expert.

3. Ryan Leak- founder and CEO, lead creative at Park Bench Productions in Dallas.

4. Sam Collier- musician and founder of No Losing.

5. Raan Parton- co-founder and creative director of Apolis, a unique apparel company.

6. Courtney Rountree Mills- co-founder and Executive Director of Sinapis, helping release social innovation through global entrepreneurs.

You can check out all the past Young Influencers and recent month's editions here.

Young Influencers List, March Edition

Here you go, the March edition of the Young Influencers List. You can check out the past month's editions here. 1. Joy Eggerichs- blogger, writer, and researcher for Love and Respect, helping 20 somethings understand relationships. Plus she's funny.

2. Leonce Crump- lead pastor Renovation Church in Atlanta, and former Olympic wrestler and New Orleans Saint.

3. Lane Wood- social innovation director at Warby Parker. Check them out if you haven't already!

4. David Leonard and Leslie Jordan- duo that makes up the rapidly rising band "All Sons and Daughters." (they'll be at CAT WEST... shhh!)

5. Joshua Banko- senior engineer at Apple, and co-inventor/designer of the iPad. Thankyou!!

6. Tara Teng- Miss Canada 2011, human rights activist and modern day abolitionist.

7. Russell Shaw- art director, uber talented designer, illustrator, and first introduced me to Gungor!

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Young Influencers List, February Edition

Here you go, the February edition of the Young Influencers List. You can check out all the past months lists here. 1. Dale Partridge- CEO and Chief Word Changer at Sevenly, plus die hard entrepreneur and writer.

2. Jeremy Lin- recent phenom and point guard for the New York Knicks. Linsanity!!

3. Justin Buzzard- pastor of Garden City Church in Silicon Valley, author of soon to release book Date Your Wife.

4. Beth Redman- author, songwriter, worship leader, wife of Matt, and part of 27 Million movement - releasing the hit song on Feb 27.

5. Matt Barkley- quarterback for the USC Trojans, and Heisman Trophy leading candidate for 2012.

6. Dhati Lewis- Lead pastor and Church planter for Blueprint in Atlanta, and founder of The ReBuild Initiative.

7. Jen Hatmaker- mom, speaker, and entertaining author of nine books and Bible studies, including her most recent book Seven.

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Young Influencers List, January edition

A brand new year of the Young Influencers List. 2012 here we go! The 2012 January edition. You can see all the past month's lists here.

1. Courtney Dow- director of NightLight International USA, fighting human trafficking and slavery.

2. Jason Ingram- talented songwriter and producer from Nashville.

3. Daniel Carson- worship leader at Passion City Church and part of the Chris Tomlin band.

4. Justin Churchman- CNN Heroes "Young Wonders" Award winner, has built 18 homes by his 18th birthday with Casas por Cristo. Watch story here.

5. Jason Illian- founder and CEO, Rethink Books, and author and speaker.

6. Anthony Bradley- writer, speaker and Professor of theology & ethics at Kings College in New York City.

7. Jonathan Stewart- running back for the Carolina Panthers, and aspiring artist/musician.

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