“Consulting” many times is an excuse for someone who has no job to try to be an expert at something…! I think a better way to describe what I do is “ADVISING”- actually being a “Strategic Advisor” fits way better. I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others who are hungry and eager to grow. For the last 15 years, I've been advising leaders, teams and organizations in a variety of settings. My leadership and management consulting started with Cornerstone Group back in 1998, and has continued with a multitude of different organizations. 

My advising today is done through Blinc Consulting, a strategic advising company I started in 2012. Providing advice, know how, and assistance to a number of organizations. Leveraging the last 20 years of experience in the for profit and not for profit world, helping a wide range of companies and clients, including small family held businesses, larger corporations, churches, social innovation incubators, start ups, and a wide range of non profit charities and ministries. 

Areas of Advising include:

  • Conference and Event planning

  • Conference and Event programming

  • Leadership and management

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Experience creation

  • Strategy

  • Starting, Building, and Growing an organization

I also do a limited amount of personal coaching. I love to coach/mentor leaders one-on-one, but because of limited time available for this, I’m quite selective and my fees tend to be higher than the average. But, I’m happy to consider a request if you want to reach out. 

If interested in retaining my advising or coaching services, please contact me via the contact form here.